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Are you looking to buy fridges online? At Buy Fridges we review the top fridge brands and popular fridge models. When buying fridges, there are several different types available to buy online and from brick and mortar stores. Fridges are available as a single unit or as a combined fridge / freezer model.

Before you can purchase a fridge, you need to measure the space you have. It is important to measure the width, depth and height of the fridge cavity. Also, you can buy fridges in both left hand and right hand models. Stand in your kitchen and consider which way you would prefer the door to open.

It is important to measure the width, depth and height of the fridge cavity.

A ‘left hand opening’ fridge will have the hinges on the left hand side. If you are buying or renting a house and don’t know the measurements of the fridge cavity call your agent, there is no point looking at anything until you know what will fit.

Before you buy a fridge:

  • Measure your fridge cavity
  • Consider left / right door opening
  • Think about fridge uses and capacity
  • Know your budget and stick to it
  • Research and read reviews at

Think about use and volume – Read and compare the specifications for each model you consider. There is a massive difference in fridge / freezer volumes (by litre) across the product range. Check the volume of each separate section and think about what best suits your needs. If you shop frequently and purchase meats fresh you may need a bigger refrigerator. If you have a large family and freeze a lot of food, think about a bigger freezer unit or even a pigeon pair.

Generally, you will save several hundred dollars when you buy fridges online, but be aware that shipping could get expensive depending on your location. Remember, if you buy a fridge from your local retailer, you will probably still have to pay for delivery anyway, which can cost around the same as buying a fridge online and having it shipped directly to your door.

Buy a Top Mount Fridge

A top mount fridge is the most common type of refrigerator. ‘Top mount’ refers to the freezer section being on top of the fridge below. Top mount fridge / freezers are cheaper than their bottom mount equivalent, often by several hundred dollars. A top mount fridge can be a cheaper option for your first fridge or second spare / drinks fridge. Top mount fridges come in a range of sizes from about 150 litre though to 600 litres.

Buy a Bottom Mount Fridge

Bottom mount fridges are generally more expensive than their top mount equivalent, however the additional money is generally well worth it. Ask yourself, “how many times per day to I use the fridge, compared to the freezer. Most people will say that the frequency of fridge openings outnumbers the freezer door by 10:1. A bottom mount fridge is better for many reasons. High frequency items (milk, water, juice) are located at a comfortable height. Also there’s no need to bending down to reach fruit and vegetable crispers as they become within arms reach.

Buy a Side by Side Fridge

Side by side fridges look great. You know it will fit in your fridge cavity, but before you rush off and buy a side by side fridge, consider the width and size of each ‘side’. Firstly, a side by side fridge generally has a much bigger freezer compartment than a top or bottom mount fridge (by liters), do you need all that space? Secondly, each side has considerably less width than a regular fridge model. Take a look inside, do you ever have frozen pizzas? Will they fit on those tiny little shelves? What about a big food platter in the fridge? That won’t happen either. If you are considering a model that includes an ice or water dispenser, make sure you check out how much inner space that feature consumes.

Buy a French Door Fridge

French door fridges, also commonly called ‘3 door fridges’ are similar in physical size and volume to a side by side fridges, however they suit much wider items as they combine the benefits of a bottom mount freezer. Generally, the freezer section is below like a bottom mount fridge and the fridge doors are split horizontally like a side by side model. You can open up both doors and fit in enormous food platters, cakes or oven trays. The freezer is the same width and can easily hold huge pizza boxes and even full meat trays.

Buy a Pigeon Pair Fridge

There are only a couple of brands that manufacture pigeon pair fridge / freezers. A pigeon pair is matched set fridge and freezer that has the identical physical dimensions and are designed to be placed next to each other. What you end up with is a ‘side by side’ fridge look, but with full size individual units. Due to the full size nature of these products, you will generally end up with a fridge / freezer combination that is over 1000mm wide.

If you buy a pigeon pair fridge you can ask about an optional “joining kit” to make the fridge/freezer combo look like one single unit. Also consider which side you want your fridge to open and purchase the combo with the handles accordingly.

Buy a Bar Fridge

A bar fridge is simply a small refrigerator that is generally used as a second ‘drinks fridge’. Bar fridges are usually 100 – 150 litres and around 800mm in height, which is the perfect size to be built in to your bar. Some bar fridges come with a freezer section inside the main unit, however it is usually very small and only suited for making ice.

Buy a Wine Fridge

The role of a wine fridge in the home is slightly different to a regular refrigerator. Wine should be stored at the correct temperature and humidity. Thus, a good wine fridge needs to maintain stable temperatures between 12°C and 18°C and regulate humidity. Running costs for wine fridges can be quite high as a glass door can often consume twice the amount of energy as a non-glass door fridge.

Buy a Hybrid Combination Fridge

As fridge manufacturers fight for your refrigeration dollar, many brands are starting to create hybrid fridges and introduce additional features. In this section of our site we review and explore different fridge combinations and special features.

Don’t forget to read our guide to fridge energy labels and buying energy efficient fridges.

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